Tuesday, 7 August 2012

After renal transplantation creatinine how we should take the method

Kidney Transplant Rejection
The immune system attacks and destroys anything that your body thinks is not supposed to be there, such as germs, viruses and your newly received kidney. Rejection may occur at
any time after transplant, and immunosuppressive medications will help decrease or prevent your body's reaction to the new organ. Not taking medication as directed is the most
common reason for rejection.
Creatinine is a waste product that is normally removed from the blood by the kidney. The level of serum creatinine (CR or SCR) is measured daily while you are in the hospital
and at every clinic visit. This test helps to determine how well your new kidney is working. The normal range for the CR level is 0.7-1.4; this range may vary slightly. If the
creatinine level rises too high, it may indicate a rejection episode. Other causes for increased levels include kidney infections, dehydration or incorrect drug levels in your
system. Clinic visits are more frequent in the first few months after transplant to monitor creatinine levels.
So after renal transplantation serum creatinine levels will also rise this is some patients will appear, the symptoms of kidney transplantation and come back before. So when
High Creatinine Level after Kidney Transplant we want to choose what kind of method to reduce?
Immunotherapy has been the most efficient treatment for kidney disease patients in 2012. it is a special treatment in our hospital, and many foreign patients say they have never
seen it in other hospital. Immunotherapy contains some steps, blood purification techniques, western medicine and Chinese herbal medicine will be used in Immunotherapy. This
treatment is a systemic treatment, every step aims to deal with one factor causing the kidney disease or repair the damaged kidneys, which is the reason why Immunotherapy can be
efficient.So is dialysis or kidney transplant the definite destiny of high creatinine?

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