Wednesday, 9 May 2012

1000 the High Creatinine and Renal Failure How to Treat?

1000 the High Creatinine and Renal Failure How to Treat? Kidney failure creatinine 1000 explains this the patient has increased to uremia period. Uremia treatment is essential.
1000 the High Creatinine and Renal Failure How to Treat? Dialysis kidney failure uremia effect how?
Chronic kidney failure often and high blood pressure, anemia, heart failure, pericarditis, cardiomyopathy, water and electricity disorders and acid-base imbalances, renal bone disease, sex fracture, infection, etc. In addition to the above the complications of each system, chronic renal failure with the long-term dialysis is aluminum poisoning, the conventional dialysis treatment in patients with end-stage renal disease to appear with aluminum poisoning.
Hemodialysis patients to relieve symptoms, prolonging the survival time all has certain significance, this treatment can quickly relieve renal failure disease, but dialysis belong to a replacement therapy, as soon as you stop the dialysis words other dialysis words long, condition would rebound. And dialysis can bring certain disease sends disease problem, long-term blood dialysis patients do words, the kidney will slowly shrinking, and shrinking after, kidney no blood flow, and also can't produce urine, the body can not produce urine words can't drink water discharge, at this time the kidney failure is more difficult to cure.
Dialysis cannot make toxins to the normal level, a long time for the whole the toxicity of other system is also obvious. Two or three days have to dialysis once, a cost in every dialysis 400 yuan. For dialysis is blood from inside the machine filter through a, so also can bring certain complications. The spirit and body and mind to patients would cause damage. More serious is some do not increase the development of the disease denier delayed but let the illness and family cannot stand back the economic burden.
1000 the High Creatinine and Renal Failure How to Treat? Kidney failure expert hints you: dialysis treatment for kidney failure late, can only say that treat, cannot achieve good therapeutic effect. So, renal failure treatment which kind of late therapy?
The traditional Chinese medicine treatment for kidney failure of infiltration serum creatinine 1200, through the expanded renal artery at all levels, can promote the blood circulation, relieve glomerular "three highs" state, repair, glomerular basement, make toxins metabolism product out of body, improve hypertension, metabolic acidosis symptoms, patients nausea and vomiting adverse symptoms ceases; Traditional Chinese medicine active material entering the human body can quickly direct kidney lesions, and immune complex, causes kidney toxicity factor etc all kinds of pathogenic factors closely, and carries on the powerful attack, it will be broken, cracking and completely removed, blocking kidney continue to deteriorate.
In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine active material also has great repair function, it can provide kidney repair need amino acids, protein substances, thereby of impaired kidney function units restoration, the inherent structure of kidney damage by repairing, and recover gradually kidney metabolic function, make damaged kidney get different degree reversal.

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