Monday, 28 May 2012

How to reduce the human body creatinine?

How to reduce creatinine?
Muscle liver is constant an important index of most chronic diseases, especially kidney disease diagnosis, play a crucial role. So, muscle of how patients with liver high reduce the human body muscle liver?
The liver is muscle testing kidney function of the most commonly used index, also is the healthy check-up will inspection program. Many for a check of the staff, detection to their own blood muscle in the normal range liver value, they think their kidney function completely no problem. In fact it is a kind of blood to muscle liver mistakes. For the blood muscle liver and timely, accurate value can't cut to reflect the status of the renal function. When the human body the most suffer from kidney pathological damage, glomerular filtration rate larger proportion (more than 50%), this time the blood muscle liver increased just may in clinical show. Thus, the concept that people routine, "blood muscle liver, kidney that normal nothing" that an error, should try to correct. Such as usual vegetarian or a small muscles, small size, low blood muscle liver can, need to strengthen nutrition.
No matter the liver or low blood muscle blood muscle liver is on the high side patients should be taken seriously. The body of liver substance is mostly muscle muscle of metabolism creatine produced, the muscle of renal excretion through in vitro liver. Usually, because the muscles of the human body is relatively stable, the muscle of the liver is the relic constant, blood level of liver muscle mainly depends on how much the kidneys muscle of the liver. Renal reserve function is strong, if two kidney is normal, so as long as a function of kidney, liver blood muscle can maintain in normal levels. That is, kidney damage degree accounts for more than half of the kidney to the whole, will cause blood muscle liver heighten. Therefore, the liver and blood muscle can't reflect the kidney function decline early, mild.

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