Friday, 20 July 2012

Creatinine 3.4 whether to dialysis

Blood creatinine level is reflected chronic renal insufficiency, one of the important indexes of kidney failure patients, creatinine index is higher, kidney disease patients of renal impairment relative degree and the serious; And the more serious damage to the kidney function, blood creatinine level and will build up a cut. So, the abnormal serum creatinine levels rise and kidney damage form vicious circle, and with the renal fibrosis happened range is more and more big, kidney organization more and more drops, creatinine rising time interval will become more and more shortened. Therefore, active therapy the early stages of the kidney disease, reduce serum creatinine, cut off blood creatinine increases and renal function abnormal falling deterioration circulation chain, so can delay the renal fibrosis deteriorating renal patients pace of progress, maintain existing normal renal function.

So, today I say creatinine level of 3.4 is going to accept the dialysis patients?Generally speaking, the creatinine is at 3.4 and not along with serious complications like hypokalemia, swelling and so on, the persons need not dialysis immediately. However, if the kidney function still keeps decline, when the creatinine level declines to 5, you had better start dialysis.

But dialysis and can't really make kidney get repair, and even creatinine also will have repeatedly,latest methods in reducing creatinine level,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can dilate blood vessels thus improving the blood circulation. What’s more important is that Chinese medicines can repair the damaged kidney structures. As long as they are repaired, the kidneys will be able to recover their normal filtrating ability. As a result, the high creatinine level will reduce naturally.

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