Saturday, 21 July 2012

Diet to reduce creatinine levels

During physical activity, muscle cells break down and form a waste product called creatinine. When the kidneys function normally, they remove creatinine from the bloodstream and eliminate it in the urine. When kidney function declines, creatinine builds up in the blood stream and causes problems that include fatigue, itchy skin and nausea. Special dietary restrictions help reduce creatinine levels.

One of the symptoms of high creatinine is difficulty in urinating and heart palpitations. To avoid these adverse symptoms of high creatinine, lowering creatinine levels in the body is important.If your creatinine increased, so be about to pay attention to some diet changes, the following is the list of diet.High-potassium foods to avoid include tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, chocolate and nuts. People with kidney disease should avoid the sodium content of foods such as fast food, frozen meals, canned vegetables, pickled or cured meats, canned soups, cheese, salted pretzels and salted potato chips. Foods that contain high levels of phosphorus include corn, chocolate, dairy products, fish and eggs. Red meat, poultry, fish and nuts have high levels of protein.

So to formulate correct eating plan to reduce serum creatinine.Moreover, long time intensive exercise, muscle trauma and dehydration also can result in high creatinine. In these cases, the creatinine level will recover normal in a short time. If your creatinine level keeps high for a long time, you should go for test at once.

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