Saturday, 2 June 2012

Back pain and swelling is kidney disease symptoms

One of kidney disease symptoms : back pain
1, renal colic: pain suddenly attack, often to the lower abdomen, genital and ham inside place such as the radiation, is intermittent strong cramps. Often the ureteral stones, blood clot or within the necrotic tissue caused by blocked.
2, kidney blunt painful and area flatulence: urinary tract disease of pain caused by renal area includes: 1) renal enlargement and hold caused renal capsule, such as acute nephritis, acute pyelonephritis, renal pelvis water, polycystic kidney disease, kidney cancer, kidney prolapse, etc. 2) kidney disease caused by week back pain: such as kidney all around abscess, renal infarction concurrent kidney inflammation, renal cyst burst all around and kidney weeks hematoma, etc. But, a lot of back pain is by the spine and the spine of soft tissue diseases caused by, pancreatic, bravery, stomach pain also often radiation to the waist.
The second,kidney disease symptoms: edema
Kidney is body eduction the moisture of the major organs, when kidney disease, the water can't eduction body outside, retention in the body, called renal sex edema. The degree of edema but light can be heavy, light person is seen edema, only weight gain (recessive edema) or in the early morning slightly swelling eyelids. The person that weigh can whole body apparently edema, and even a chest, the abdominal cavity effusion, cause weight gain dozens kg (severe edema). Cause oedema reason in the following aspects:
1, when kidney disease, kidney filtration area reducing, permeability is reduced, and reduce blood flow, but the kidney function of heavy absorb intact, resulting in a less urine.
2, kidney sicken time the body's immune damage and that body of capillary wall permeability increase, the plasma of water in the permeability to organization clearance.
3, kidney disease, kidney blood flow to reduce, renal parenchyma blood that, with the increase of the renin secretion, after renin angiotensin-the role of adrenal cortex to increase the secretion of aldosterone, cause renal tubular water, sodium heavy drain increase and retention.
4, kidney disease, always have a lot of albuminuria, if time is long can cause lack of protein inside the body, constitute hypoalbuminemia, make the plasma colloid osmotic pressure is reduced, extracellular fluid retention in the organization clearance, cause oedema. In addition, hypoalbuminemia can also cause effectively reduce blood volume, the secondary aldosterone and antidiuretic hormone production increase, kidney from water, sodium increase heavy, cause oedema.

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