Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Causes and treatment of renal atrophy

The renal atrophy refers to the size of kidney is reduced. In this article I want to focus on the causes of renal atrophy and treatment of renal atrophy.
reduction or enlargement of the kidney is a key indicator of kidney disease. Therefore, the judgment of the size of the kidney has important clinical significance. A long period of kidney disease can lead to damage to the renal unit, particularly the damage of glomerulus. Thus, the kidney can reduce its size. We can say that the renal atrophy, it is closely linked to changes in renal function.
Many diseases can cause renal atrophy, such as infection, acute pyelonephritis, reflux nephropathy and renal diseases. These diseases affect kidney function, leading to kidney damage or failure of renal blood flow, renal vein and renal artery begin to shrink, it may be the tendency of atheroma which will be atrophy renal
Using the scanner imaging, such as MRI or CT scan, renal atrophy can be detected and diagnosed. The treatment of renal atrophy depends on the reasons that led to renal atrophy.
If the renal atrophy is caused by urinary tract infection or acute pyelonephritis, medications can help alleviate the situation of renal atrophy. However, renal atrophy is caused by other reasons, such as kidney failure, you must accept many treatments that may include the current dialysis therapy, you must also accept the conservative treatment, that is, say, the Micro-Chinese Medicine Hospital in Shijiazhuang nephropathy. With this, your remaining kidney function can be preserved well.
Addition to medical treatment of atrophy of the kidney, you must also pay attention to your life. Keep a healthy lifestyle and develop a diet that protect the kidney in order to protect your kidney atrophic without continuing to worsen.

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