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Causes of high creatinine of kidney failure

Creatinine is micro molecular substance in the blood. It is primarily produced by muscle metabolism. Normally, creatinine is excreted by the kidneys. In the stage of renal failure, the kidneys are closed, creatinine increase obviously. In addition to kidney problems, there are other causes that contribute to high levels of creatinine. We will introduce to you one by one in the following passage:

Poorly controlled blood pressure

Kidney failure is hypertensive renal failure directly caused by poorly controlled hypertension. The main function of the kidneys is to regulate blood pressure by secretion. Thus, in the development process, almost all patients with kidney disease suffer blood pressure. High blood pressure will kidneys work harder and damage the kidney filtration function, making faster high creatinine.

Poorly controlled diabetes

Diabetes is the high blood sugar, severely damaging the glomerular filtration system and affecting the normal creatinine excretion. Failure to control blood sugar will decline in renal function faster and thus elevating creatinine accordingly.

Combined infections

For patients suffering from various kidney problems, kidney infections combined will aggravate injuries and cause strong inflammatory elevated creatinine kidney. The infection may be a common cold, pneumonia, enteritis and urinary infections.


In the event that the patient drinks enough water, the body will be dehydrated and renal blood flow of patients will be concentrated. Thus, it will be harder to excrete creatinine in the blood of the kidneys.

Excess protein and meat from the diet

Proteins and meat are the main sources of exogenous creatinine. When a lot of protein and meat are completed, more creatinine is produced as a result of serum creatinine, which will increase.

Nephrotoxic drugs

The final product of the metabolism of nephrotoxic drugs will be excreted by the kidneys. If a patient with nephritis consume these drugs, it will run the risk of faster progression of kidney disease and raise creatinine obviously. It is very necessary for every patient with kidney disease, we must remember that drugs includes ibuprofen, aspirin, antipyrine, etc.. And take special precautions.

The high muscle activity

Creatinine is metabolized from muscle. So if you do strenuous exercise or hard work, creatinine is also likely to be higher. It is preferable to moderate work, which will help in better energy and strengthen the body's resistance.

The above introduces the causes of elevated creatinine in end-stage renal failure. As you can find, there are so many details we need to be careful to control your kidney problem and elevated creatinine. Adjustments of food and nursing care every day are basic measures during this period, the
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