Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Treatment of stage 4 chronic kidney disease

Detection of stage 4 chronic kidney disease is crucial. The clinical diagnosis of stage 4 chronic kidney disease is the rate of renal glomerular filtration <15. If treatment is appropriate, it may prevent the blood dialysis or even avoid it. Stage 4 chronic kidney disease is a warning sign, you must improve your focus. From here, let me provide you with appropriate treatment measures.

First, attention to the symptoms of stage 4 of chronic renal failure: edema, nausea, vomiting, severe proteinuria and hematuria, electrolyte imbalance. Faced with these symptoms, our hospital takes special treatment: Micro-osmotherapy Chinese medicine and Immunotherapy for stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

Micro-osmotherapy Chinese medicine for stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

Chinese medicine wants to dilate blood vessels and clear blood clots in order to provide good nutritional condition to improve the function of renal glomerular filtration. In addition, Chinese medicine also stops other kidney injury. Moreover, Chinese medicine will provide enough nutrients and trace elements for the recovery of kidney cells and tissue fibrosis. Micro-osmotherapy Chinese medicine can be observed by various indices and clinical symptoms:

Lowering of serum creatinine and BUN

The disappearance of proteinuria and hematuria

Better appetite

More energetic

The improvement of renal function

The Immunotherapy for stage 4 chronic kidney disease.

The Micro-osmotherapy Chinese medicine may change the traditional idea of ??passively waiting for a kidney transplant, to prevent the process of kidney failure. You have a chance to begin life here with your own kidneys.


  1. But the cost factor plays a pivotal role in the treatment of ckd.

    1. Do you think spend a cost can be treated well and continuous treatment continuous spend the cost, which costs higher?

  2. Hello I really want to help my best friend. She's now undergoing on dialysis to extend her life because of chronic kidney disease. Can you help me if where can I find a hospital that have this Micro-osmotherapy Chinese medicine here in the Philippines or even other country? I hope this will help. thank you so much in advance and for this information.

    1. Hello, this therapy just unique to our hospital, if you want to know you can leave your e-mail address, I will contact you for you to explain.

    2. here is my email.